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Air freight

Freight delivery by air is the most effective and fastest way to deliver of type of cargoes to remote destinations. Our active cooperation with logistics companies and major airports allows us to arrange airfreight deliveries in short terms and on attractive conditions for our clients.

The development of logistics solutions makes the air freight transport more and more accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises. With the acceleration of the life rhythm, the customers demand of fast delivery of goods about different consignments increases and documents.

Our company cooperates with many major airlines in the industry, which allows us to organize air freight transport and to offer you a fast delivery to or from any airport in any country in the world; in addition, we can provide door to door delivery around the world. For this purpose, our experts will help you to find the best solutions to a high quality and secure supplies, will help to insure the cargo against various unexpected risks during transportation as well as to pack or prepare all the necessary customs and accompanying documents.

– Airport to Airport
– Airport to Door
– Door to Airport
– Door to Door