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Rail freight

Carriage of freight by rail provides economic benefits where it is necessary to carry heavy, oversized, and other types of cargo in long distances. Where the economic aspect is much more important than speed. The railway is very popular in the heavy equipment industry and is widely used for long-distance freight transport. The transportation takes place in different types of wagons or on railway platforms by taking into account the specific nature of the cargo.

Rentrans Group provides full range service of rail freight from Baltic States to CIS countries. Rail freight is very often the key of cost saving. Furthermore, this is the most convenient and safest mode of cargo carriage.

We are able to transport bulk cargoes, general goods, liquid and ADR. rail freight transport is the right choice if you have a project or an ADR cargo or, if it requires fast door-to-door delivery.

– Flatbed freight
– Carriage of goods by sea containers
– Carriage of goods by standard wagons (boxcars/covered wagons)
– Carriage of non-standard goods in flat wagons
– Organisation of railway transportation, with the Rolling stock feeding.